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Stay in the Fight Foundation
The Stay in the Fight Foundation was established to react quickly to emergency needs. After investing our time, our business, and placing personal efforts behind many good charities, we were exposed to a very specific gap between donors and recipients. We were inspired to create a conduit to fill that gap. Our intention is short-term financial assistance in an emergency situation (we are like the ambulance). Many hard working Americans get tripped up on that "one" emergency and we hope to assist all working people who find themselves in this crisis to get over the hump and back to work or on to a long-term solution.

The SITF foundation was created to streamline donated funds to be delivered directly to a person in need (and not to administrative costs or elsewhere). We are currently waiting for our Federal approval of 501c3 status. Once that is assured we will begin our process. We want to be sure everything is handled in it's proper order so donors and recipients will be able to maximize benefits.

Stay in the Fight!!
Kyle and Melynda Lamb